24 November 2017

We are pleased to inform that OR2 acquired breakthrough technology which allows to turn Facebook Pages and Yourtube Channel's contents into fast-loading pages.
Allowing our privileged members to exhibit the related posts all over Viral Market sphere.

Can you imagine that by adding your posts on your Facebook Timeline or after uploading a video to Youtube, you can also promote them directly on any Traffic Exchange, over and over again ?
Requiring one unique link to display endless updated contents... Automatically !!!

In case of being interested on what OR2 is providing in exclusive to all YOUR H members, you might well take advantage of the lower prices that our systems are offering through special OTO offers (which appears right after login our systems) or by any OR2 Agent...

Notice, being valid to celebrate this year's CYBERMONDAY, which are scheduled to end next 28 of November.


22 November 2017

I remember again that you just need to click 150 pageviews on any OR2 Partner System to activate Your extra PromoWall, which rotates all over OR2 Hits Network, automatically !!!

 That's how You can get extra hits on your links, what you should do everyday :)

Plus, if you intend to show your ads on our most active systems, like TE Masters, GuildXchange and VMH, You should rather opt on activating your extra PromoWalls on all other systems from our network.

Simple !!!


20 November 2017

It's now over the Special Rush that was running on CHT and MERKATOR EXCHANGE.


16 November 2017

For this next weekend, we have initiated another SPECIAL RUSH for a couple of days, this time is now active the special OR2 TOP 3 on CUSTOM-HOUSE TRAFFIC and on OR2 Official Distributor MERKATOR EXCHANGE.

On the presented format, the OR2 TOP 3 will automatically prize all TOP 3 Gold-Rushers with 1 dollar cash prize, what will not be deleted upon the 21st day MONTHLY RESET !!!


15 November 2017

Counting for this CHRISTMAS SEASON special Gold-Rush, know that all OR2 TOP PROMOTERS and TOP AFFILIATES rankings are now set to award BILLIONS of Gold-Rush Points to Top Promoters and Affiliates on our systems.

Motive to increase the promotion of Your Affiliate links, what you can grab right from the menu options of each OR2 PARTNERS SYSTEMS AFFILIATE TOOLBOX sections.

To consult any of the TOP PROMOTERS and TOP AFFILIATE rankings click on the option STANDINGS also available through each system's menu options.


13 November 2017

It's now over the Special Rush that was active on VMH. Yet, we've decided to let the OR2 TOP 5 display on.
Furthermore, until next monday, the OR2 LIVE RANKINGS will be also active, time that will be shutdown and return to the default status.
Meaning, only available during weekends or special rush events until the next OR2 MASTERS TROPHY, scheduled to start next 12 of Dezember to celebrate the special OR2 GOLD-RUSH CHRISTMAS EVENT.


11 November 2017

In case you didn't noticed, it's already passing unforgetable and legendary Christmas songs via OR2 MAINSTREAM. For now, mixed between Top Hits and Gold Records.

Gradually, like happened on previous years, Christams music will slowly take control of OR2 MAINSTREAM, OR2 GOLD, OR2 CINEMA and OR2 EPIC streams, allowing you to toggle between OR2 STREAMS wherever you prefer just music or when you want to listen interesting information regarding the use of Internet for marketing purposes.

To benefit from this inspirational advantage, just tune IT up at OR2.Live or, directly, via OR2 WebDeck.


7 November 2017

We have decided to extend the actual SPECIAL RUSH that is running on VIRAL MARKETING HITS until next Sunday...
So, please, enjoy IT :)


4 November 2017

Know that all OR2 LIVE RANKINGS are available, at least, for a couple of days.
So, You can consult real time scores by clicking on the OR2 TOP RANKINGS button from the vertical scrolling ticker right from the navigation panel of any OR2's partner Systems...

Or, CLICK HERE, to see it directly !!!


3 November 2017

In case you didn't noticed, for all this weekend, we have activated VIRAL MARKETING HITS for another OR2's SPECIAL RUSH...

Therefore, besides prizing TOP #1, #3 and #5 with 1 dollar cash prize everyday, Gold-Rush Points were also increased. What should remain active for some days more.

I remember that this kind of cash prizes do not disapear from Your Cash Balance upon any 21st day MONTHLY RESET and can be withdraw together with Your commissions, calculated +20% of the commission value.


2 November 2017

Apologise everyone that is waiting for new Highlighted moments on OR2 Streams, specially in recap of last season's Gold-Rush.
OR2 has already some texts and all major Gold-Rushers were properly logged.
For several reasons, it was not yet viable to broadcast any featured content. What we will produce as soon as possible.


29 October 2017

OR2 released several new SPLASH PAGES that are now available to all Members !!!

To better elucidate the new OR2 WEBSALES Network, you can grab a VIDEO SPLASH on GuildXchange and Viral marketing Hits AFFILIATE TOOLBOX sections and other on Merkator Exchange PROMOTION KIT section... Getting access to your own personalized affiliate links, like this ones:

For promoting OR2's GOLD-RUSH and OR2 NETWORK of Partner Systems, there is other VIDEO SPLASH available on TE MASTERS and GUILDXCHANGE, like this ones:

... And, finally, for promoting OR2.LIVE specially at social level and Social Networks, we have created this other VIDEO SPLASH...

Therefore, good stuff that might well bring so much more referrals into your own accounts.
So, grab your own personalized links and start promoting them everywhere !!!


28 October 2017

Know that OR2 has implemented a new VISUAL MULTIMEDIA STREAM on another OR2 Partner System. Similar to all others that are appearing all over OR2 Network of Partner Systems after every 39 pageviews while seeing our members websites and opportunities, this new Visual Stream is strictly dedicated to business development and product creation.

Simply called OR2 QUEST, as the name suggests, this new OR2 Multimedia Stream intents to better elucidate how one can create their own exclusive contents.
With proper step-by-step guidelines, expect to learn also how to better prepare your personalized products while having in consideration well recommended techniques or methodologies and related best practices.

Yet, like happens in relation to any OR2 Multimedia Stream, by license restrictions and for the reason of exhibiting valuable educational packages, it's only available via PAID memberships.
Nevertheless, by login on GuildXchange or TE Masters you might well have the opportunity of meeting our recent special campaigns which allows you to grab the so required authorized access to all OR2 Multimedia Streams by a truly affordable price.

Already streaming on a 24/7 basis for this presentation stage, you can start by knowing how you can assemble Your very own STUDIO, prepared for more professional productions and related success.

So, please, enjoy IT at QUEST EXCHANGER :)


28 October 2017

It's now possible to learn marketing and internet while listening GOLD RECORDS and unforgetable TOP HITS via OR2 SOCIAL MAINSTREAM...
For this purpose, every hour and between memorable Gold-Rush Highlights, you can now know the best recommendations and eventually pertinent tips related with Marketing, Affiliate Systems, Self Branding and how to take special benefit of Social Networks.

No matter by using OR2 WEBDECK or while increasing your cash balance earnings by using OR2.LIVE, just tune IT up at OR2 SOCIAL !!!

In case of desiring to listen just Gold Records and Top Hits (without any information) and while still available to free members, just toggle between OR2 Social and OR2 Gold by using the TUNE IT UP feature, available on OR2 WebDeck.


27 October 2017

It's now public the final TOP 15 rankings related with the last summer season of OR2 GOLD-RUSH and MASTERS TROPHY XI.

Just CLICK HERE to consult !!!

IMPORTANT: If you are one of the final winners, don't forget to send us the related winners forms (available on the bottom section of the final Top scores page).
Otherwise, no prizes will be added into each winner's own account.

On a never before seen finale, top positions persisted on remaining pretty close to each other. Being only decided, ironically, by the final results available through less used OR2 Partner Systems and, specially, by OR2.LIVE final scores. Revealing that top positions where only found precisely by the difference of points accumulated by who is tuned to OR2 Streams !

Motive to wait for near soon HIGHLIGHT moments via OR2 STREAMS that, surely, will reveal all pertinent details of this last OR2's GOLD-RUSH event as well as proper mentions to Top Gold-Rushers and major protagonists.

Just stay tuned at OR2.LIVE or, directly, by OR2 WEB DECK where you can know in first hand by listening our informative online streams: OR2 SOCIAL MAINSTREAM, OR2 EPIC, OR2 TECHIE or OR2 NEW-WAVE.


26 October 2017

So far, counted Gold-Rush points in more than half of OR2 Network Systems, we believe that the following group of Gold-Rushers will be part of the final TOP 15 winners...

James Walker, Dualberto Brito, Gerda Vanriel, Hand Rudolf Brand and Jeremy Hirzel are almost securely on the final TOP 5.

Next, with some millions of points difference, Patsy Pane, Marin Mario, Stephen King, German Mogilnikov and the Ghost of the Welcome Wagon Team - Flying Dutch.
Yet, few difference of points in relation to Monika Lisiecka, Jennifer Braga, Mrs.Leslie Villegas, Bob Collins and so many more Gold Rushers.

So, cross your fingers while we keep adding more OR2 Partner Systems rankings and until it become possible to have all scores together.
What should occur during the coming days.

Until then, after preparing all our systems for the next event, welcome to the XII edition of  OR2 Gold-Rush. On this case, celebrating this year's CHRISTMAS SEASON !!!

Serious motive to wish the best of luck to all Gold-Rushers :)


24 October 2017

Know that, as usually happens, all commissions were processed and, therefore, we've proceeded with the 21st day MONTHLY RESET, where all inactive or unused cash incentives were deleted from each account's cash balance.

A new Gold-Rush will start tomorrow, this time set for CHRISTMAS SEASON, enduring almost two months and where the next MASTERS TROPHY is scheduled to start at 12 of Dezember 2017.


23 October 2017

It's now Officially Closed the 11th edition of OR2's GOLD-RUSH and MASTERS TROPHY related with 2017 Fall event!

The final TOP 15 Gold-Rushers rankings will be published next thursday. Stay tuned here on the Gold-Rush alerts board.


22 October 2017

Final day of OR2's GOLD-RUSH for this 2017 Fall event. Therefore, almost all OR2's TOP 5 displays are turned OFF as well as any special Gold-Rush cash prizes, Check-Points and Golden-Nuggets.

As usual, to better define the end of any MASTERS TROPHY, the last day of the competition is called STRATEGIC DAY.

For this purpose, You have all this day to find and claim precious GOLDEN CODES, available all over OR2's HITS Network - Worth MILLIONS of GOLD-RUSH Points.

Yet, the option of ACTIVATING each or ALL available Golden Codes must be solely derived from Your Own Strategic decision.
After all, if wisely used, can well decide WINNERS on specific GOLD-RUSH events.

For this major motive, in way of providing the desired logical scenario which protects each one privacy and secrecy, OR2's PARTNERS TOP RANKINGS were disabled during this day, seriously contributing for the purpose of achieving a rather interesting finale...
To follow.

Just for seeing this post, here's a special GOLDEN CODE for you to claim 100 MILLION Gold-Rush Points at TE MASTERS...


22 October 2017

We also remember that all OR2 TOP PROMOTERS and TOP AFFILIATE rankings reset at European Midnight. So, during the first minutes of 23 of October, billions of GOLD RUSH Points will be automatically distributed to each OR2 Partner System's TOP 10 Promoters and TOP 10 Affiliates.
Serious motive to take advantage of the  STRATEGIC DAY for promoting Your Affiliate links, what you can grab right from each system's AFFILIATE TOOLBOX sections from the menu options.

To consult any of the TOP PROMOTERS and TOP AFFILIATE rankings click on the option STANDINGS also available through each system's menu options.


21 October 2017

As announced, we will soon proceed with the 21st day Monthly Reset that, in conformity with Gold-Rush Quests, our systems will default all accumulated cash incentives to zero. Evidently, the monthly reset will only occur after we calculate any valid commissions, where is possible to get 20% extra commissions (from what is available on the related cash balance)but only on the eventuality of having commissions to cashout derived from paypal payments of any related referrals.

Notice that all Gold-Rush Cash Prizes are not deleted during any of our systems RESETS.  


18 October 2017

I remember that to remain on any OR2 TOP 5 display is required to be properly identified with a PHOTO, what you can set at GRAVATAR system by associating a proper image to the same precise email that you have used to signup on our systems.
Therefore, don't be surprised if our SysOp kick out unidentified members from our Top scores or even to realize that you are not entitle to receive any Gold-Rush prizes.


17 October 2017

In case you didn't noticed, we have activated the final set of two more OR2 Partner Systems to join us during the remaining 5 final days of this MASTERS TROPHY. For this purpose, CUSTOM-HOUSE TRAFFIC is providing the related Gold-Rush CHECK-POINTS through QUEST EXCHANGER.

Now on, 12 OR2 Partner Systems will participate on this 2017 Fall event until next 22 of October, time that this MASTERS TROPHY will end with the usual STRATEGIC DAY... Turning our gamification much more complex, yet, more thrilling and enjoyable.


16 October 2017

For this 5th day of OR2's MASTERS TROPHY, it's now activated GIG HITS EXCHANGE which, as scheduled, is providing proper Gold-Rush CHECK POINTS on PILGRIMS TE... Now on, and until next 22 of October, also participating on this season event.

For sure that You have noticed some special pages that OR2 is promoting... They belong to our YOUR H privileged members and are available in exclusive as part of the related membership.
As stated, we will deliver only 50 LICENSES already set with each Your H member PAYPAL buttons. A serious motive to take advantage of the special prices that are still locked until 2018 obvious increase.
Now on, as another benefit of paid memberships, anyone can consult what YOUR H members are selling right from our systems navigational zones while comfortably seeing our members websites and opportunities.

Just CLICK HERE to meet OR2's Network SUCCESS PATH by this video on vimeo.


15 October 2017

4th day of OR2's MASTERS TROPHY, for this year FALL SEASON...

As predicted, TRAFFIC MINING is supplying Gold-Rush CHECK-POINTS via SPRINKLER HITS, marking the day in which both OR2's PARTNER SYSTEMS participate on this event to remain active together with all other selected platforms until next 22 of October.

Glad also to inform You that all available LIVE RANKINGS are restored from last month crash of our Server based in Netherlands, Europe.
Yet, notice, all accumulated points where logged in our records, as normally happens.
Therefore, Gold-Rushers can now know the related Top Rankings in REAL TIME just by clicking on the related OR2's TOP RANKINGS button which is available on the top dynamic ticker that scrolls while seeing our members websites using any of our system's navigational panels :)

Meanwhile, as expected, we have noticed the appearance of some veteran Gold-Rushers into this Masters Trophy 'rolling-actions'. Surely, motive to be properly highlighted on near broadcasted moments via OR2 Streams.
Furthermore, also for further references, we are enjoying very interesting disputes for the 3rd spot on several OR2 TOP 5 displays. After all, besides increasing the related cash balance with 'untouchable' 3 dollars prizes, ending the day on the 3th position means starting the new day on the Top, allowing to spend instead precious time on other online duties and related business activity.
That's OR2's Masters Trophy at its best...
Specially when realizing that Flying Dutch (the Ghost of the Boom-Town Team) is kicked out from any TOP 5 display or that taking his place from 3rd spots can only mean realistic competition.
Evidently, much more will occur since only now (we can say) the Masters Trophy is starting with 8 active systems.
Are you able to managed all this ?
... And more will come... Very soon.

Finally, to better elucidate all that are more interested on cashing out the earnings that are logged on each individual cash balance, OR2 has produced another special video that clearly set the path to success while using OR2 Network of Partner Systems...
Just CLICK HERE to see the video on vimeo.

By what is suggested, anyone should easily understand what steps are needed to take (as what we recommend) in way of getting a proper business posture to assure serious profit.
Succinctly, specially dedicated to all that are really frustated with Viral Market's fancies, it's advised to increase the related cash balance with Gold-Rush Prizes and surfing activity while grabbing access to all tools, resources and means available on OR2's 21 Partners Systems Network. Everything with the serious possibility of learning or improving the related know-how and business strategy just to be better prepared for generating a secure monthly income. For this purpose, we believe that every serious Marketer need Products... And, when these products are more unique and exclusive, the odds shift in behalf of the related beneficiary - A very simple Marketing rule to achieve Success.
When and How you can get Your hands on more unique, eventually innovative but rather effective packages, products and solutions it's just a question of figuring out what OR2 is constantly producing. Remaing available for Your Business Success.

In the end, when ready, it's up to you to decide when you should subscribe any of our privileged web solutions that, 'architected' by our vast experience, can only help you to achieve more flourished results. If so, realizing the gradual (possibly exponential) increase of your monthly commissions, You can finally request to cashout what you are entitled together with +20% more derived from your surfing activity using any of our navigational systems.

Until then, we can only wish the best success to all Gold-Rushers and a peaceful Sunday :)


14 October 2017

Entering on the 3th day of 2017 Fall Gold-Rush event, on its 11th MASTERS TROPHY.

Still a very calm start. After all, until now, we have only 4 active systems with proper TOP 5 display and set to reward 3rd spots with 3.5 dollars, 2.5 dollars for each daily 5th place and only 1.5 dollars for the TOP #1.

And, to better explain the functioning of OR2 TOP 5 displays during MASTER TROPHY's events, OR2 have produced another highlighted moment that, featuring major Gold-Rushers, is already rotating on OR2 Streams, available via OR2.Live (increasing your earnings and Gold-Rush scores while listening your favourite music) or, directly, at OR2 WebDeck. Just requiring for you to tune IT up on OR2 SOCIAL MAINSTREAM, OR2 EPIC, OR2 NEW-WAVE or OR2 TECHIE.

Anyway, time to activate more two OR2 Partner Systems for this MASTERS TROPHY.
As scheduled, NAVIGATOR HITS will provide the Gold-Rush CHECK-POINTS to VIRAL MARKETING HITS... Now on, with OR2 TOP 5 active in similar circunstances than the other selected systems.
Therefore, getting more and more complicated as we move up to 12 active systems during this 10 days of the competition.

So, please, enjoy it while having a great weekend :)


13 October 2017

Suggested by our event format, a calm start on this Fall Season of OR2's MASTERS TROPHY... Yet, by activating two more partner systems for each day that pass, we should expect a more complicated 'rolling-action' as we move on.

Today, besides TE MASTERS and MERKATOR EXCHANGE, was also activated GUIDXCHANGE to participate on this MASTERS TROPHY competition. For this purpose, it will be TOOL EXCHANGER that will supply the related Gold-Rush CHECK-POINTS on GuildXchange.

In case of using the TRAFFIC BROWSER for surfing our systems, could be wise to use the bottom right side buttons on any of our systems to access TOOL EXCHANGER in way of being able to claim any follow-up prizes.


12 October 2017

Well, started already another OR2's MASTERS TROPHY, this time on its XI edition and the second event with 3 months duration.

As normal, on a smoothy kind of warming stage, until next 22 of October, it's now active TE MASTERS and MERKATOR EXCHANGE with the related TOP 5 set to distribute 3.5 dollars to each daily TOP #3, 2.5 dollars for each daily TOP #5 and 1.5 dollars for each daily TOP #1. As explained on previous editions, we've decided to attribute the higher monetary prize to the TOP #3, defining one of our gamification strategic components which envisions to provide a salutary platform for competition between TOP Gold-Rushers.
Revealing as a very interesting variable to have our special attention. After all, competing to get a spot on the TOP #3 position might not be a so easy task to accomplish, requiring some extra strategy.
Know also that all Gold-Rush Cash Prizes are properly deposited on each winner cash balance, yet, this prizes are never deleted on each 21st day Monthly Reset. Symbolizing a major opportunity to increase your +20% extra cashout that you can withdraw together with your monthly affiliate commissions.

Also as usual, almost all Golden-Nuggets on OR2 Partner Systems are disabled, being only activated upon each system participation on this season Masters Trophy.
Yet, as an exception, You can find plenty of Golden-Nuggets on all systems from Stephen King's Network... SOTUK Traffic, Fabulous TE, Traffic PI and Super Fast Hits.

Therefore, on the systems that are active for this Masters Trophy, You should find proper CHECK-POINTS where you can report your finds (for each 57 pageviews or so and one per each 30 minutes - Up to a maximum daily session of 6 hours in total).
Furthermore, also for this event, all GOLD-RUSH Points are multiplied by 10 times up to 10 MILLION Gold-Rush Points prizes. Revealed as a very good opportunity to catch up TOP Gold-Rushers or just to secure your TOP 10 spot on the related final rankings.

For all this motives, with Check-Points provided by MERKATOR EXCHANGE, it's now officially open the XI edition of OR2's MASTERS TROPHY at TE MASTERS.
Tomorrow, as scheduled, TOOL EXCHANGER will supply the Check-Points on GUILDXCHANGE and so on until being active 12 OR2's Partner Systems... What you can easily consult by a special LIMITS & EVENTS page that is rotating on our systems.

Wishing the best of luck to all Gold-Rushers.


11 October 2017

Hope everyone is ready for the XI edition of OR2's Gold-Rush MASTERS TROPHY.
As usual, today, there is no Golden-Nuggets rotating on any OR2 Partner System except eventually hidden ones.
Motive to relax a little bit and prepare Your strategy for another MASTERS TROPHY.

I remember that reaching European Midnight (near 6 or 7pm in USA) we will activate proper Gold-Rush CHECK-POINTS that, as scheduled, should allow you to report your finds.

For this purpose, as explained on LIMITS & EVENTS section, we will activate two OR2 Partner systems per day of the competition.
Reaching a total of 12 OR2 Partner Systems during the next 6 days and until the end of this Masters Trophy that is set to end in 22 of October 2017, following the usual STRATEGY DAY at 23 of this month.


9 October 2017

Finally, we are starting to implement the new OR2 WebSales system on OR2 AGENCIES (reserved in exclusive for YOUR H members).
This installation will be gradual since the related encryption process is manual.

Meanwhile, we are also finishing the first promotional OR2 WebSales Videos that will automatically rotate on several of OR2 VISUAL STREAMS and available for you to promote.

Here's the first one, a 15 minutes presentation of OR2 WebSales Network:

And here's another, more related with PLR packages that will be only available through OR2 AGENTS:

Evidently, we will incorporate this videos on further OR2 WebSales promotional pages.
Yet, they are now available for you to see.


8 October 2017

It's now over the SPECIAL RUSH that was running on MERKATOR EXCHANGE.
Yet, we've decided to let the SPECIAL RUSH conmtinue on VIRAL MARKETING HITS, eventually until the next MASTERS TROPHY that is scheduled to start during this next week, in 12 of October.


7 October 2017

Just a quick remind that the new OR2 VISUAL STREAMS that are rotating on OR2's most active systems, for the motive of providing valuable contents (to see - as happens on a normal TV format), are locked EXCLUSIVELY to PAID members.

Yet, what you don't know is that these new OR2 MULTIMEDIA STREAMS are UNLOCKED to all members that are paying a GOLD-RUSH ENTRY subscriptions, allowing to see any of our visual streams, with all available contents, right from the navigation zone and while seeing our members websites and opportunities...

A unique and advantageous offer wich costs only 6.99 dollars per month if you take the benefit from any OTO offer which appears while login on our most active systems, allowing to unlock also the access to lots of paid privileges, including fast clocks, extra promotion and upgrades all over OR2's NETWORK of Partner Systems.

The difference between a Gold-Rush paid Entry and subsequent YOUR H memberships is that, besides having all OR2 Visual Streams unlocked, Your H members can download any of the available contents through OR2 Learning Centers and to have authorization to resell them for 100% profit.


6 October 2017

As we approach to the new OR2.LIVE functioning where, we clarify, will be available entertainment areas with tons of valuable contents through an enhanced AUDITORIUM, a PLANETARIUM, a VIDEOTECH,  a BOOK ROOM, a VR DECK and even a DANCE FOOR, OR2 decided to prize actual paid memberships with a TIMER of 6 Minutes... Allowing to comfortably toggle between the hundreds of screen-savers and Multimedia Scenarios that are already rotating, together with the new OR2.LIVE VISUAL STREAM, still on experimental stage.


5 October 2017

Know that we have activated all OR2 TOP PROMOTERS and TOP AFFILIATE rankings, set to endure until next 22 of October, time that is predicted to end this season OR2's Gold-Rush MASTERS TROPHY !!!

As usuall, all TOP RANKINGS are prepared to distribute BILLIONS of GOLD-RUSH POINTS to each OR2 Partners System's TOP 10 PROMOTERS and TOP 10 AFFILIATES.

Meaning that promoting each of our systems affiliate links (available on each related AFFILIATE TOOLBOX sections) will obviously give You major advantage on passing slow pace Gold-Rushers on the OR2's overall TOP Rankings.


3 October 2017

To Your H Pro members, besides minor updates and for the major motive of turning it even more exclusive, know that OR2 decided to reformulate almost all sales pages from OR2 WebSales Network.
For this motive, currently on finishing stage, we expect to implement the related personalized pages (with your own paypal buttons) during this week.


2 October 2017

With this last month TOP PROMOTERS and TOP AFFILIATES reset, OR2 has produced another special highlighted moment that is rotating already on OR2 Streams.

For now, being broadcasted every two hours or so, this special highlight is available only on OR2 TECHIE, OR2 EPIC and OR2 NEW-WAVE streams, and you can listen it at OR2.LIVE or, directly, using OR2 WEB DECK.


1 October 2017

Since last month hardware failure on our server in Netherlands, for the motive of changing the related IP address, some OR2's Partners LIVE RANKINGS are not displaying the related scores feeds. Yet, know that all Gold-Rush points are counting as normal and will be known on the end of the next MASTERS TROPHY.


30 September 2017

I remember that all OR2 TOP PROMOTERS as well as OR2 TOP AFFILIATES will reset in a couple of days, set to distribute BILLIONS of GOLD-RUSH POINTS to each OR2 Partner System TOP 10 GOLD-RUSHERS.

Meaning that you have until 1 of October to increase your total scores on each system and be rewarded in conformity.

You can consult each system TOP PROMOTERS and TOP AFFILIATES by clicking on the STANDINGS option, available through each system's menu options.


29 September 2017

One more weekend on OR2 Network of Partners Systems... And, for this occasion, we will activate OR2 TOP 5 on VIRAL MARKETING HITS and MERKATOR EXCHANGE, set to welcome another OR2 SPECIAL RUSH !!!

As usual, we will prize all daily TOP #1, TOP #3 and TOP #5 Gold-Rushers with 1 dollar cash prize, being properly deposited on each winner related cash balance right after each daily European midnight reset.


26 September 2017

As announced, OR2 is working hard on producing video instructions and other interactive guides. What you can check on GuildXchange (see this video), TE Masters (see this video) and OR2.Live (see this video) featuring ANGIE, COMPANY and other protagonists on several sections available from the menu options.

Yet, as you can confirm, we are compiling this sectional guides into video tutorials as well. On this way, should simplify the process of learning how our systems work and what is needed to do to participate on OR2 Gold-Rush.

For this purpose, we have decided to create a YOUTUBE CHANNEL simply called 15 MINUTES WITH OR2 SYSOP (click here), where it will be simple to see how really works our systems by a screen recording produced by OR2 SysOp, evidently with proper highlights and guides.

Just check the presentation video where OR2 SysOp will guide everyone from GuildXchange to OR2.Live, passing by TE Masters.

As explained before, here's the video (on youtube channel) that I serious recommend to promote OR2.LIVE on any Social Network. Evidently, with Your Own affiliate links that you can place where you introduce what you are announcing.


25 September 2017

There is so much more that we are working on but is not yet ready. One good example is the complete course that we are producing just to better elucidate what means OR2's GOLDRUSH as integral part of OR2 Gamification platforms that, I remember, is exclusively elaborated for Business purpose.
By this valuable course, You will also learn how OR2 Network of Partner Systems can serious leverage your online business activity by providing you everything you might ever need.
All directions, guidelines, educational contents and relevant tools.

This course will be available on one of OR2 LEARNING CENTERS and will be unlocked only for UPGRADED MEMBERS, eventually also to reward final TOP 15 Gold-Rushers with limited or partial access.


24 September 2017

Well the weekend was going alright until 20h of last Sunday... Unfortunately, or by lucky, one of OR2 Network Servers in Netherlands shutdown to not turn on again...
So, we've started the process of changing the server and, what was predicted in last august, we took opportunity for upgrading the Server for a Quad-Processor... Being now much faster.

Anyway, for this motive, as you surely noticed, part of OR2 Network was disabled for almost 24h since we changed also our Server IP web address and needed to wait the consequent propagation all over Internet.

For this motive, apologise any distress.

For your information, OR2 Network is properly secure by working with Servers with systems on Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom, yet, hundreds of webpages and technological features are loaded or hosted from United States and several other countries.

Meaning that, technically speaking, only if the entire World collapse, our full Network stop working. Evidently, like happened yesterday, any specific hardware failure will be noticed on the normal functioning of OR2 Network.


24 September 2017

As explained before, if you intend to promote OR2 Partners Systems Network on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), besides being recommended to promote our special Systems (like OR2.Live), You should use special Videos together with each related systems affiliate link.

For this purpose, we will post here all special videos that were carefully elaborated to be welcome on Social Networks...

Like this one, which announce the new changes that will occur on OR2.Live:

Meaning that we will soon restrict the access of hundreds of Multimedia Scenarios for free members, being exclusively available only to OR2.Live upgraded members with paid subscriptions.

Serious motive to take advantage of our presentation discount price and upgrade your account (benefiting from unlocking almost all layers). Evidently, we will increase the related membership values in conformity with what will be implemented.


23 September 2017

We already started to add some helpful Gold Rush guidelines on specific pages all over OR2 Partners Network.

For now, you can consult this handy instructions on the welcome screens of TE Masters and GuildXchange members area where should appear Anjie and Company (between other protagonists) explaining you what you should do to better use our systems.
You can also check what is explained on Climbing Levels and Cash Balance sections.
Soon, all major sections will have a proper multimedia how-to guide.

Plus, as announced before, we are producing proper video instructions that will be available at where we will better explain how to participate on OR2 Gold-Rush and related Masters Trophy.


22 September 2017

It's now closed the special rush that was running this last week.


21 September 2017

Finally, we will add the possibility of contacting OR2 Support via Facebook and Messenger.
For this purpose, OR2 acquired a semi intelligent system which will allow to know major instructions concerning OR2 Gold-Rush, similar to what is predicted to turn public through step-by-step Video Tutorials.

Being at this moment work in progress, yet, with gradual implementation.


19 September 2017

Resulting from innevitable shifts all over internet, OR2 decided to focalize Social Networks as the main target for our next Marketing Campaigns.

For this objective, we are developing several special Videos in way of better expressing OR2's Business Gamification Network.

Yet, as predicted from its implementation, we have decided to introduce our network of Partner Systems with easy welcome systems like EXCHANGE VIDEO HITS (still on presentation stage), FRONT-LINE TRAFFIC (specialy elaborated for Blogs), CYCLOPEDIA (based on Wikipedia articles), STARTUP HITS (a good start to make business online) and, specially, OR2.LIVE where the motto "Earn Money just by Listening Music" will surely get some extra attention.

In the end, sooner or later, all new comers will evidently meet the rest part of our systems. After all, OR2's Gold-Rush symbolizes our major event and getting a spot on the top will incentive everyone to benefit from the wider promotion of being feature on our OR2 Streams.

Therefore, being highly recommended, we serious advise everyone to promote the above systems by posting our special splash pages on your social networks timelines.
Soon, we will provide proper access to our promotional videos as well as how to get the so desired attention.

You can already share some posts from our brand new OR2's FACEBOOK TIMELINE and, by the way, besides adding your affiliate links, don't forget to like the related page.


16 September 2017

For this next week, starting this saturday (at European Midnight weekly reset), we will set another SPECIAL RUSH. This time the OR2 TOP 5 will be active on TRAFFIC MINING and GIG HITS EXCHANGE.

As usual, during this SPECIAL RUSH, both OR2 Partner Systems are set to distribute 1 DOLLAR cash prizes to TOP #1, #3 and #5 Gold-Rushers for each daily midnight reset (ruled by Central Europe Time zone).


12 September 2017

There is a brand new SPLASH PAGE at OR2.LIVE that will suit to introduce the new OR2.LIVE VISUAL MULTIMEDIA STREAMS...

Just grab Your AFFILIATE LINK from OR2.LIVE AFFILIATE TOOLBOX SECTION with the SPLASH number 21, like this one:

By default, your link will play OR2 GOLD stream while displaying the new OR2.LIVE MULTIMEDIA VISUAL STREAM that is currently being broadcasted 24/7 on a experimental stage.

To setup your favorite OR2 Stream in way of playing together with your personalized splash link, just add the related HASHTAG on the end of your personalized url, like this:

On this way, you can simply show hundreds of multimedia scenarios with your favorite music.


9 September 2017

Together with the weekly BOOM TOWNS reset, the SPECIAL RUSH that was running on TOOL EXCHANGER and SPRINKLER HITS will end this saturday night. Therefore, the OR2 TOP 5 will be disabled.

Yet, starting this Sunday and during all week, it's active another SPECIAL RUSH on CUSTOM HOUSE TRAFFIC and MERKATOR EXCHANGE.

As usual, during this SPECIAL RUSH, both OR2 Partner Systems are set to distribute 1 DOLLAR cash prizes to TOP #1, #3 and #5 Gold-Rushers for each daily midnight reset (ruled by Central Europe Time zone).


7 September 2017

All OR2 PROMOTERS & AFFILIATE Rankings are now set to to count UNIQUE VISITORS and REFERRALS derived from each Gold Rusher Marketing efforts. Where all hits will be logged from each personalized affiliate link until the end of this month of September.

Therefore, grab Your Own links from any OR2's Systems AFFILIATE TOOLBOX section and promote it everywhere, as you can.

If so, You can check Your position on the TOP rankings just by accessing the STANDINGS section right from any of our system's main menu options and try to manage your way to grab a share from the billions of points that will be distributed at the end of September.


4 September 2017

Know that we have validated all links that were waiting to be approved on all OR2 Partner Systems. Yet, noticing that a considerable of domains and systems shutdown during the last month, we serious advise to review your rotator's links in way of avoiding to be also suspended.

Once again, please, confirm the full url of your links before adding them into our systems.


2 September 2017

After being active for 1 week, it's over the SPECIAL RUSH that was running on VMH.

Yet, for the next couple of days, we will activate the OR2's TOP 5 on TOOL EXCHANGER and SPRINKLER HITS.

Also for this SPECIAL RUSH, as usual, both OR2 Partner Systems are set to distribute 1 DOLLAR cash prizes to TOP #1, #3 and #5 Gold-Rushers for each daily midnight reset (European Time).


1 September 2017

If you are attentive to OR2 TOP SCORES surely that You did noticed considerable changes, not only in total number of Gold-Rush Points but also on the positions of several TOP 15 Gold Rushers.

The motive is that, as scheduled by our automatic scripts, all OR2 PROMOTERS and AFFILIATE RANKINGS were reset precisely on the end of August. Distributing BILLIONS of Gold-Rush Points to TOP 10 PROMOTERS and TOP 10 AFFILIATES on each OR2's Partner System.


30 August 2017

Specially for all Your H Members, notice that we have migrated one of OR2's LEARNING CENTERS from the domain EnjoyLearning.Online to where everything seems operational now.

It's from this special OR2's LEARNING CENTER that everyone can also know the essential instructions for OR2's GOLD-RUSH (soon).
Yet, more detailed information will be locked to Free Members, being accessible just by subscribing the GOLD-RUSH ENTRY upgrade that you can get access right after login (appearing once per week) through special OTO offers at TE Masters, GuildXchange and Viral Marketing Hits .


27 August 2017

Meanwhile, finally, OR2 is dedicated to produce proper VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS not only concerning our systems functioning but also to better ellucidate OR2's GOLD-RUSH rolling-actions and related best practices.

On this way, everyone will be properly informed about how is possible to earn serious money by using OR2 Partner Systems but also how our members can benefit from our unique gamification environment for leveraging the related marketing potential.

For now, You can see in which format we will try to better explain our instructions...
CLICK HERE to see TE Masters introductory Video and CLICK HERE to see OR2's Gold-Rush introduction Video. Both part of our Instructions Video Series.

Also for the purpose of explaining our systems functioning we are placing very special avatars on our systems account sections.
You can see how it works just by login on TE MASTERS or GUILDXCHANGE right on the MAIN members area and on the Downline Builder sections as well.

To listen essential tips and guidelines, don't forget to turn ON the speaker of your computer.


26 August 2017

There are two more OR2 MULTIMEDIA STREAMS rotating on SPRINKLER HITS and TOOL EXCHANGER... One is called OR2 MARKETER and other OR2 TOOLS.

As will be done on all OR2 MULTIMEDIA STREAMS, during the next weeks and months we will gradually add tons of Educational Videos with valuable information.
For this reason, we remember, this special visual streams are only available to YOUR H members, appearing on each related system right after claiming any Golden-Nugget (near 39 pageviews or so).


25 August 2017

We have activated VIRAL MARKETING HITS for a SPECIAL RUSH during the next days.

Therefore, as usual happens on European Midnight, VMH is set to distribute 1 dollar cash prizes for each daily TOP #1, #3 and #5, automatically.


23 August 2017

Know that OR2 is extending the EXTRA OFFER of having YOUR H web hosting account connected to OR2 WEBSALES Network.

By this serious advantage, in exclusive benefit of YOUR H Standard and Pro members, You can get Your Own OR2 AGENCY (like this one) completely personalized with the following products and packages - CLICK HERE. Being gradually unlocked every month.

To subscribe any Your H upgrade just login on GuildXchange, TE MASTERS, Merkator Exchange or Viral Marketing Hits and take advantage of the special OTO offer (which appears, at least, 1 time per week), getting a considerable discount.


21 August 2017

To celebrate OR2's new Studio, we've decided to not proceed with this 21st day Monthly RESET, allowing all our members to have more 30 days (until next 21 of September) to cashout accumulated earnings, displayed on each one's own cash activity balance.

For this purpose, we rembember that You should get referrals with payments via paypal where the total value of your commissions should be higher than 15 dollars. If so, You can request a cashout of all valid commissions +20% more derived from Your activity on each related OR2 Partner System.

Again, serious motive to increase the promotion of your own affiliate links that you can grab on each of our system's AFFILIATE TOOLBOX sections. Being highly recommended to promote the related SUPER SPLASH link since will automatically display all selected Splash pages just by using one unique link.


19 August 2017

Finally, after unpredicted service disruption from the previous hosting provider, OR2 Gold-Rush Chat and OR2 SUPPORT CHAT is again available through each system navigation buttons (on the top right side of each OR2 Partner's navigational panels) or, directly, by OR2 Support option from each system's main menus.

For this purpose, OR2 opted by one of the most used and widely acclaimed Chat systems.
Allowing our system's members to get a simplified access to our support (in real time) as well as to interact in between by a very useful cross-platform benefit which salutary interconnects all our Partners on OR2 Network of Systems.

Gradually, we will unlock more options. Being announced here, on Gold-Rush Alerts Board.


18 August 2017

During the next days (and, eventually, weeks), OR2 is implementing the predicted enhancements on OR2.LIVE, making it the first MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM of its kind.

Therefore, don't be surprised on aknowledging some differences or even momentary issues.
Which we appreciate your patience.

With this changes, we conclude the related presentation stage. Removing paid privileges from any free member and set all benefits in conformity with each related membership status. Specially the access to NON-STOP streams that do not exhibit any voice information as well as special SHOW displays.

In the end, all new OR2 MULTIMEDIA STREAMS will be easily accessed to PAID MEMBERS through several very special 'rooms'. Some with valuable educational contents.
... And so many more suprises !!!


17 August 2017

It's now ON-AIR the new OR2 NAVIGATOR Multimedia Stream at NAVIGATOR HITS, being displayed every 39 pageviews (right after any Golden-Nugget climing page) to all YOUR H members. 


16 August 2017

Know that OR2 TOP PROMOTERS RANKINGS are already set to count all unique visitors to Your affiliate links, until the end of August. Moment that will be automatically distributed BILLIONS of Gold-Rush points to TOP 10 PROMOTERS on each related OR2 Partner System.

Plus, during everyday systems reset (at European midnight), our systems also distribute cash in conformity with each day promotional efforts, allowing you to start on OR2 TOP 5 displays all over OR2 Network of Partner Systems.

Serious motive to increase the promotion of your own affiliate links that you can grab on each of our system's AFFILIATE TOOLBOX sections. Being highly recommended to promote the related SUPER SPLASH link since will automatically display all selected Splash pages just by using one unique link.


13 August 2017

To celebrate the brand new OR2 STUDIO, still based here in Høvik (Norway) while properly broadcasted from Europe to the entire World, we are pleased to inform you that we have finally a dancefloor stream on air...

It's simply called OR2 DANCE and will suit to gradually introduce the new NON-STOP formats in which OR2.Live and OR2 WebDeck will provide the access to each available stream.

Evidently, for quite some time that is predicted to restrict OR2 NON-STOP Streams in exclusive benefit of paid memberships, what is obviously included on YOUR H and other upgrades from OR2 Network of Partners Systems.

Furthermore, it's precisely this very special NON-STOP Streams that will allow You to leverage Your Own experience on OR2.LIVE just by tune IT up Your favorite music together with the also new OR2 MULTIMEDIA Scenarios. Soon, also broadcasted with 24/7 NON-STOP visual emissions !!!

For now, while we are still adding TONS of highly recommended HITS & REMIXES, You can simply toggle right from OR2 WebDeck just by hovering on OR2 NON-STOP Stream until you see a menu option to click on OR2 DANCE...

CLICK HERE to Tune IT Up Now  !!!


12 August 2017

Meanwhile, derived from several reasons related with OR2 Strategy and next Christmas events, we've decided to extend this next OR2 Gold-Rush Season until 12 of October 2017, time that will be re-scheduled the next MASTERS TROPHY !!!


11 August 2017

Now on, for this next season OR2 Gold-Rush, the OR2 LIVE RANKINGS will be turned on between Fridays and Mondays... Displaying in REAL TIME all top Gold-Rushers scores on almost 15 OR2's Partners Systems.

To concult it, just CLICK HERE or directly via OR2 TOP RANKINGS dynamic button on any of our system's navigation panels.


10 August 2017

A couple of days more to restore all OR2 Web Services to normal status.
Appreciating your kind consideration in relation to any eventual delay on providing proper support answers, any related default benefit or our system's services.

Anyway, meanwhile, OR2 initiated the predicted VISUAL MULTIMEDIA implementation by adding very special MULTIMEDIA STREAMS into 5 of our Partners Systems.
So, don't be so surprised on UNLOCKING this special OR2 Multimedia Streams right after claiming any Golden-Nugget on TE MASTERS, GUIDLXCHANGE, CUSTOM-HOUSE TRAFFIC, MERKATOR EXCHANGE or VIRAL MARKETING HITS where, with valuable educational contents, is properly broadcasted 24/7 online emissions composed by Video Tutorials and so many more visual presentations.

Evidently, at least for now, only YOUR H Members are able to UNLOCK any available OR2 MULTIMEDIA STREAM.
Revealing one more major benefit, included on any YOUR H subscription (no matter LIGHT, STANDARD or PRO).


4 August 2017

During this last week, know that OR2 has moved its Studio to a brand new location, with better conditions to provide a better service.

For this motive, we apologize any eventual delay on answering to support questions and other regular procedures. Specially all those available to YOUR H Members.

Yet, we are already broadcasting from our new Studio and almost all our equipments are operational, as usual :)


29 July 2017

As promised, the Official 2017 Summer OR2 Gold-Rush TOP 15 is now public.
CLICK HERE to consult the final rankings as well as to know the related prizes.

Please, as explained, if you are a winner, don't forget to send the related CLAIMING FORMS, available on the bottom section of the final TOP 15 scores.
Until then, we will not deposit any cash prizes on the related cash balances (on TE Masters) as well as to upgrade any account.

Meanwhile, even without OR2's LIVE RANKINGS active, know that our systems are logging all gathered Gold-Rush points, counting already for the next OR2's Gold-Rush event.
To thanks the participation of all Gold-Rushers, all actual Gold-Rush points prizes are still multiplied by 10 times... Giving a considerable advantage to all that have already started this next OR2's Autumn event.

Wishing the best of luck to all Gold-Rushers !!!


24 July 2017

Started already the next OR2's Gold-Rush event. This time, the related 11th Edition will endure until 12 of September 2017 moment that is scheduled the next MASTERS TROPHY.

As usual, on its calm warming start, giving some time for Gold-Rushers to recover from any clicking efforts, OR2 officially declare open the OR2's AUTUMN 2017 GOLD-RUSH event.


23 July 2017

That's IT... The Summer 2017 GOLD-RUSH event is officially closed !!!

All scores are now reset to zero, as well as all Cash Incentives were properly removed from each cash balance account.

Yet, as happen every 21st day of each month (on the so called monthly reset), all valid Gold Rush Cash Prizes were NOT deleted from each winner's cash balance !!!... Allowing to be cashout (+20% more) together with any valid commissions derived from referrals payments via paypal.

During the next week, OR2 will calculate the final standings and publish the final TOP 15 Gold-Rush Rankings.

Also expect to listen a couple more of special highlight moments wich, featuring major protagonist of this last Gold-Rush event, will be properly broadcasted through OR2 Streams via OR2.LIVE or, directly at OR2 WebDeck.

Soon :)


22 July 2017

As scheduled, OR2's Masters Trophy competition is now officially closed.

Soon, at European Midnight, all OR2 PROMOTERS RANKINGS will reset to distribute Billions of Gold-Rush points to each system's TOP 10 Promoters. Having just some more hours to increase your scores by promoting your own affiliate links (from each system AFFILIATE TOOLBOX section).

Meaning also that we've finally entered on the final day of OR2's Gold-Rush Summer 2017 event... THE STRATEGY DAY !!!

For this purpose, as usual before the calculation of the final TOP standings, all LIVE RANKINGS will be shutdown and Gold-Rushers will have the opportunity to increase the related scores just by claiming any eventual GOLDEN CODES.

Yet, during the next 24h or so, OR2 will add millions of Gold-Rush points by placing new GOLDEN CODES on also strategic places.

Serious motive to remain tuned on this ALERTS BOARD in way of gathering some precious tips and secret locations. Specially during the final hours of this STRATEGY DAY...


19 July 2017

Know that, meanwhile, we've turn public some HIGHLIGHTED moments related with all major Gold-Rushers on this 10th Edition of OR2's MASTERS TROPHY !!!...
For this purpose, just tune IT up on any featured OR2 Stream through OR2.LIVE (allowing to earn money just by listening any of our music or informative streams) or, directly, using OR2 WebDeck.

Remember that to listen any available OR2 Gold-Rush HIGHLIGHT moment You need to tune on OR2 GOLD, OR2 EPIC, OR2 TECHIE or OR2 NEW-WAVE.

Two more days to end this Summer 2017 OR2 Gold-Rush event... Reaching the final STRATEGIC DAY at 23 of july !


18 July 2017

We want to thanks to all new Members and to all Gold-Rushers that persists on promoting any of OR2's Partner Systems. Revealing the righteous way to EARN any money from OR2 AFFILIATE PUBLISHING NETWORK, which counts with 21 Online Marketing Systems plus some more extended partners derived from Stephen King's Network.


15 July 2017

Looking at the overall Gold-Rush rankings we can see that some Gold-Rushers have reached the Marsenne maximum Limit of 2.147.483.647 Gold-Rush points that, as explained on OR2 Streams, defines our systems finnish line... Advising to continue the competition using other OR2 Partner Systems!

So, congratulations to all winners :)


14 July 2017

Know that all OR2 PROMOTERS and AFFILIATE RANKINGS are now active and set to distribute several BILLION Gold-Rush Points to all TOP 10 Winners at 22 of July !!!

So, major motive  to grab Your Own Affiliate Links from each OR2's Partner System and increase the related promotion everywhere...
Where available, You can simply opt by promoting the SUPER SPLASH link that, as explained, easily promote all available splash pages just by using one unique link.

You can consult each daily positions on the STANDINGS section, available on each of our system's main menu.


12 July 2017

Welcome to one more OR2 Gold-Rush MASTERS TROPHY !!!... On its 10th edition :)

For this Summer event, from 12 to 22 of July we will gradually unlock sets of two OR2's Partner Systems per each day of the competition.

For more detailed information just click here !!!

To know this event established limits as well as the dates of each system activation, click here !!!

As usual, OR2 will unlock a couple more of unpredicted variables which, as you should understand, suits to improve or incentive proper levels of competitive interaction...
After all, any OR2's Masters Trophy gives a final opportunity to all Gold-Rushers, not only to considerably increase their season scores but also to be part of OR2 major event.

For this purpose, we've decided to set the highest daily cash prize to each active system TOP #3 (more than 10 dollars per each 3 days victories).

On this innovative approach, as explained on OR2 Online Streams and by our business model perspective, we intend to better illustrate that clicking to be number one does not really mean that should be considered a winner...
Therefore, trying to get a #3 spot might now reveal a rather different quest...
At least, far more interesting to follow.

So, please, enjoy IT :)