(updated in April 2018)

First Name Last Name Country Username


Gerda Vanriel Netherlands sterren1968 165
Jeremy Hirzel United States yowdablast054 160
Steven King United Kingdom Baby Sk 2012 145
Flying Dutch Norway FlyingDutch 125
James Bain United States trafficbain 100
Dualberto Brito Spain Dubri 70
Henrik Schack Denmark schak 65
Hans Rudolf Brand Suitzerland alpi2016 60
Sofija Stankovic Serbia sofija62 60
Stuart Davenport Germany stuart 60
Liz Koreevar Netherlands liz.korevaar 50
Marcel Clavet Canada ebookmaster 40
James Walker United States prosperity.walkerbuzz 40
Stefan Zhang Germany lonelywolf 35
Gudrun Stange Germany treader 35
Tommy Andersen Norway plomma 35
Jennifer Braga Canada jbcf19 30

  * To better organize our legendary ranking, OR2 awards
with 15 points each season final TOP 5 Gold-Rushers, 10 points
to each season final TOP 10 and with 5 points for each season
final TOP 15 Gold-Rushers.


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