On this page You can simply consult all the DAILY LIMITS imposed to Gold-Rushers...                                ... Specially those considered proper requirements to WIN on OR's GOLD-RUSH...                                                 ... Furthermore, everytime that is set a SPECIAL RUSH event will be known on this same page...                              ... So, remain attentive to any further announce and GOOD LUCK :)

... QUESTS ...


Happening every 21th day of each month, right after each monthly MASTERS TROPHY's finals (or during the related conclusion), OR2 will inevitably RESET all UNUSED CASH INCENTIVES.

This action intents to penalize INACTIVE MEMBERS as well as to PRIZE all GOLD-RUSHERS that are CLIMBING LEVELS using the CASH INCENTIVES that are properly distributed while seeing other member's websites. Where, being wisely invested, will suit to benefit from serious advantages that (usually) are only available for PAID UPGRADES.

Meaning that, opting by climbing levels, will also allow to get higher % of commissions as well as being authorized to request payments from the related BALANCE ACCOUNT into each one own PAYPAL account. What will occur also at 21th of each month, moment that all eventual payments will be properly calculated in conformity with each achieved level and based on any purchases derived from referrals associated to that same precise member.

Concluding that, by this GOLD-RUSH QUEST, any Gold-Rusher must AVOID the explained RESET just by CLIMBING LEVELS and by INVESTING the related EARNINGS, increasing the capacity of EARNING even more. Specially on further monthly Gold-Rush events.




By this special QUEST, any interested Gold-Rusher should find and claim a READY-MADE online business website.

Contributing for the need of having a proper online business posture, in case of not having already, Gold-Rushers can get their own online business website just by CLAIMING our unique opportunity.

By this serious offer, OR2 has prepared a complete READY-MADE online business website with a also READY-MADE BLOG, which can easily provide to your contacts, referrals and friends not only the access to OR2 NETWORK and all related OR2's Partners Systems but also to all major Traffic Exchanges. Where, after proper setup, everything will work completely automatically with Your own affiliate IDs.

And that's what this QUEST is all about...
You need to find the so called WEB SHROUD GRAAL that, subtly hidden somewhere on OR2 NETWORK, can be claimed IN EXCLUSIVE by 10 Gold-Rushers only.
After reaching 10 finds, OR2 will change the related layout in way of continuing to provide a limited exclusive personalization in behalf of all winners.

Notice, after finding the WEB SHROUD GRAAL, you should complete the related setup instructions (taking 15 minutes or so) and, after that, post your username and claim your find on any of OR2's Chats.
In alternative, you can send an email to OR2's Support.


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