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(valid on each OR2 Partner System)

OR2 Gold-Rush entered on a brand new stage... Still inspired on the explained context, yet as one of the several gamification components that are being implemented on OR2 Network of Partners systems (predicted to be announced earlier in 2019), OR2 decided to not have any further Gold-Rush competition.

Now on, everything seems simplified, just being required to use our systems navigational panels in way of seeing all available website and opportunities. In exchange, any beneficiary (as authorized member) can receive valuable rewards on dollars format, allowing to enrich the related cash balance in way of unlocking special benefits and valuable products.

As announced a couple of years ago, in conformity with the original thought of this kind of scripts, each OR2 Partner System will start displaying related thematic websites and webpages based on the motives and niches of its vocation or purpose.

On this way, instead of the normal urls submmition process which automatically rotates your links together with all other websites displayed, expect to be prized with the related privilege only after using each system's navigational panel for each 150 pageviews, activating your Promowall all over OR2 Network of Partners systems (as it was implemented so far).

The difference is that, instead of seeing an endless repetition of business opportunities (every day), while advertisers must upgrade their own accounts or activate the related Promowall by seeing 150 pageviews, everyone else can easily enjoy what each OR2 system is set to show. Simplified the process of promoting any of our systems on Social Networks (for instance).

Succinctly, similar to a kind of public service that can be accessed without paying anything more than your normal computer internet connection (yet, with some commercial interests), OR2 intents to use our online browsing systems (based on the cloud) to easily display the best sites that are available on internet, allowing everyone to comfortably consult what is given to see or know. Obviously, in between, there is a space for promoting your business opportunities and offers - As explained, possible by paying any upgrade or by recognized merit based on personal effort and marketing effectiveness.

In conclusion, well synchronized with world wide measures that has the objective of turning Internet a safer and peacefull logical environment, OR2 is definetly implementing what was predicted upon its creation.

Therefore, during the coming months, OR2 will gradually substitute and update the previous gamification environment, related advertising materials and fucntioning with what will be announced. For this purpose, we will log any relevant modification via the former OR2 Gold-Rush Alerts Boards (click here to know).

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