On this page You can know all the essential RULES & REGULATIONS of OR2's GOLD-RUSH events...                                           ... Yet, for specific terms and additional information You must remain tuned to OR2 Streams...                                               ... No matter on OR2 VIRAL, OR2 SOCIAL or EvapoRadio, You can know so much more as well as being aware of special tips, secret locations and hidden Golden Nuggets that are subtle waiting to be found all over OR2's HITS Network and Partner's Systems :)

(valid for each OR2's GOLD-RUSH special event)

Each GOLD-RUSH Season has the duration of 1 to 3  MONTHS.
Starting at 23th of the first month and ending on 22 of the final.

During this period, GOLD-RUSHERS can grab valuable GOLDEN NUGGETS on all OR2 PARTNERS Marketing Systems as well as CLAIM any eventual CHECK-POINT, with special or specific nature (for instance, by CLIMBING each TE's LEVELS and using UNLOCKED GOLDEN CODES). Allowing GOLD-RUSHERS to accumulate MILLIONS of GOLD-RUSH POINTS as well as a considerable amount of CASH INCENTIVES.

Every 12th of the last MONTH, all our OR2 Partners Systems STOP for the season GOLD-RUSH MASTERS TROPHY finals.
This special competition gives the opportunity to increase even more the TOTAL number of GOLD-RUSH POINTS and suits to conclude each OR2's GOLD-RUSH event.

The duration of any GOLD-RUSH MASTERS TROPHY will be determined by the related competitive variables... Meaning that the competition is only concluded when we FIND FINAL WINNERS.
Yet, can never pass 10 days of competition.

Any WINNER should try to WIN DAYS on EACH participating OR2's Partner System in way of having the right to receive any related CASH PRIZE, at the end of each day.
There are several alternative models for the Masters Trophy competition. For this motive, before the beginning of each event, OR2 should announce what format will be considered for winning.

Notice, as explained on OR2 Streams, to be considered a realistic WINNER, everyone must respect OR2's competition criteriums where prevails values as Professional Ethics, Online Attitude and related Business posture.
For this purpose, OR2 reserves the right of adapting or even changing the automatic attribution of any prizes, set to reward any Gold-Rusher during each active competition.


The dynamic TOP functioning is determined by all
CASHOUT ACTIVITY derived from several Prizes.

Meaning that being on the TOP does not require
the use of the related Navigation Panel.

Yet, First time login or Inactive Gold-Rushers
will not appear automatically on OR2's TOP 5
(only if ended the previous day on the TOP 5 positions)

To increase Your PROMO HITS You need to
promote Your Personalized PROMO WALL link
available on each TE's Affiliate Toolbox section.
(must be promoted outside OR2's Hits Network)

Notice, OR2's Partners TEs TOP 5 can kick-out Gold-Rushers
that have NO PROMO HITS or even a specific number of hits,
eventually announced on OR2's Gold-Rush ALERTS BOARD.

Usually, before starting any MASTERS TROPHY, You can know what systems are participating on the MASTERS TROPHY finals just by consulting any OR2's Partners CHAT feature, the
LIMITS & EVENTS section or the Gold-Rush official

The TOP 15 FINAL WINNERS of any GOLD-RUSH event are found by the TOTAL number of GOLD-RUSH points accumulated on the previous month on all OR2's Partner TEs (by collecting GOLDEN NUGGETS, by claiming GOLDEN CODES or being placed on any monthly TOP RANKING) + Points derived from special or specific CHECK-POINTS + the extra Points awarded through special TOP RANKINGS prizes of each MASTERS TROPHY event, where PROMOTING each TE's SPLASH PAGES can seriously contribute for reaching higher places on the final TOP.

Besides the announced CASH PRIZES,
ALL TOP 15 GOLD RUSHERs will receive PAID ENTRIES for the next GOLD-RUSH MASTERS TROPHY and PAID UPGRADES in conformity with each related place on the final TOP RANKING. Where
prizes, not being accumulative, are only valid for 30 days from the date of the competition but can extend any previous upgrades in conformity.

To the TOP 15 on each GOLD-RUSH MASTERS TROPHY event, we will also give special and valuable SURPRISE PRIZES (that can include ready-made Websales pages already set with each winner's paypal buttons) as well as other VALUABLE GIFTS to all participants.

All cash prizes will be allways deposited on each individual winner's CASHOUT % BALANCE account at TE MASTERS with the exception of specific Cash Prizes from OR2's Partners TEs that will be deposited on each one related TE's CASH BALANCE account.Finally, we predict to increase the PRIZES in MONEY also in conformity with the number of participants, being DYNAMIC.

Therefore, grab Your affiliate links and promote it to Your friends and contacts in way of leveraging future events.
 For this purpose,
You can grab your own links, already set with your own affiliation IDs on the AFFILIATE TOOLBOX section of each OR2's Partner TE that, as explained on the related section, You can use any of the available HASHTAGs !!!

Please, as one of the official means available for any kind of communications related with all GOLD-RUSH events, stay tuned to the GOLD-RUSH ALERTS BOARD (that you can access right on the Navigation panel or by CLICKING HERE) in way of remaining properly informed regarding official announcements and, specially, to know where You can earn unexpected cash prizes available through surprise SPECIAL RUSH events.
Meanwhile, You can also enjoy OR2 Streams where is predicted to divulgue relevant and informative tips regarding GOLD-RUSH events, some only transmitted on this format (CLICK HERE).
In alternative, while increasing Your earnings, You can simply tune it Up via OR2.LIVE.

The final results of each GOLD-RUSH EVENT will be posted on GOLD-RUSH ALERTS BOARD until 48h after the event is over and archived at OR2's GOLD-RUSH MASTERS TROPHY sections.


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